An Inventory of Low-Carbon Energy for Canada


Trottier Energy Futures Project, 2013
By Torrie RD, Bryant T, Beer M, Anderson B, Marshall D, Kadowaki R, Whitmore J

The purpose of this paper is to:

  • Summarize the best available research on the quantifies of sustainable, low-carbon energy that could plausibly be available to Canada by 2050;
  • Review the technology and cost constrains that may arise which the deployment of low-carbon energy sources;
  • Idenfity the broader system challenges that will have to be addressed for the successful acceleration of Canada’s non-fossil resources.

To achieve these objectives, we surveyed the literature on a wide spectrum of low-carbon energy supply technologies, with a focus on four questions:

  1. What quantities of fuel or electricity could be avialble in Canada from each of the major low-carbon sources by 2050, based on today’s technology and supply assessments?
  2. What are the principal technology options for harvesting the resource?
  3. What are the technical limitations on the ability to harvest or deploy the resource?
  4. What information is available about the estimated costs of deploying the various technologies?

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