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Here we provide links to selected articles related to CESAR published in the media.

Business Vancouver – Nelson Bennett

May 16, 2017 Go to article

Explore UCalgary – Jennifer Allford

May 4, 2017 Go to article

Paul Wells – JuneWarren-Nickle’s Daily Oil & Gas News

February 14, 2017 Go to article

EnergyMatters, produced by Enbridge – EnergyMatters staff

December 19, 2016 Go to article

Calgary Herald – David B. Layzell

November 19, 2016 Go to article

JuneWarren-Nickle’s Daily Oil and Gas News – Mark Lowey

November 2, 2016 Go to article

Petroleum Services News – Lisa Catterall

July 1, 2016 Go to article

The Canadian Press – Ian Bickis

March 8, 2016 Go to article

APPro, produced by Association of Power Producers of Ontario – Mark Lowey

January 1, 2016 Go to article

The Globe and Mail – Joel Schlesinger

November 26, 2015 Go to article

The Globe and Mail – David B. Layzell and Manfred Klein

August 22, 2015 Go to article

Alternatives Journal – Jennifer A. McKellar, Heather L. MacLean, Joule A. Bergerson

March 1, 2015 Go to article

The Council of Canadian Academies – The Expert Panel on Energy Use and Climate Change: Hipel KW, Portney Paul R, Cleland FM, Davidson DJ, Isaacs E, Jaccard M, Sharpe V, Snook SJ

February 5, 2015 Go to article