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Here we provide links to selected articles related to CESAR published in the media. – Derek Clouthier
Story about a presentation by CESAR’s Jessica Lof to the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada Western Education Seminar.

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Emissions Reduction Alberta – Carbon Copy podcast
CESAR’s David Layzell is interviewed at length in this podcast about the potential of hydrogen as a fuel in the road freight transportation business and in transitioning Alberta’s economy.

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The Western Producer – Jeremy Simes
Featuring interview with CESAR’s Kunbi Adetona on her research

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JuneWarren – Nickle’s Daily Energy News
New study by CESAR’s Kunbi Adetona
This story also appeared here in Pipeline News North and here in Alaska Highway News

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CBC Radio-Alberta@Noon, hosted by Judy Aldous – featuring David Layzell

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Edmonton Journal – op-ed by David Layzell and Jessica Lof

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Truck News – Derek Clouthier (Article featuring Jessica Lof from CESAR)

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ARC Energy Research Institute (interviewed by Jackie Forrest)

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La Presse – Louis Beaumier et David B. Layzell

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Ethical Corporation (Canada climate briefing) – Diana Rojas
September 2017

September 19, 2017 Go to article

Calgary Herald and Financial Post – Peter Kenter
September 30 (Calgary Herald) and September 17 (Financial Post), 2017

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JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy News – Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research (CESAR)

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ResponseSource Press Release Wire (on behalf of BlueSky Public Relations Ltd.)

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Business Vancouver – Nelson Bennett

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Explore UCalgary – Jennifer Allford

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