Other publications

Here we provide links to selected publications by CESAR’s researchers since 2009.

By Layzell DB, co-lead author with 70 other university researchers (including co-lead authors and other contributing researchers) from the 10 provinces

Primer on Energy Systems in Canada, 2nd edition, Chapter 5, pp173-217, 2016
By Torrie R contributor

Bioresource Technology, 216: 352–361, 2016
By Frankel ML, TI Bhuiyan, A Veksha, MA Demeter, DB Layzell, RJ Helleur, JM Hill, RJ Turner

J Air & Waste Management Association, Vol 66, 2016 – Issue B, 2016
By Pak NM, Rempillo O, Norman L, Layzell DB

Energy Economics, 56: 101-16, 2016
By Torrie RD, Stone C, Layzell DB

Acting on Climate Change: Extending the Dialogue Among Canadians, pp45-52, 2015
By Torrie R contributor

The Visual Computer International Journal of Computer Graphics, 32: 403-13, 2015
By Alemasoom H, Samavati F, Brosz J, Layzell DB

Ontario Waste Management Association, 2015
By Kellehr M, Seidel C, Torrie R

Stockholm Environment Institute briefing, 2015
By Torrie R

Bioresource Technology, 153: 173-9, 2014
By Veksha A, McLaughlin H, Layzell DB and Hill JM

Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, DOI 10.1007/s11027-014-9625-9, 2014
By Kimetu JM, Hill J, Husein M, Bergerson J and Layzell DB

Helio International, 2014
By Torrie R, Smith J, Connor H, Labriet M, Labrousse M

Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 94(6): 1037-1041, 2014
By Flynn, B, Graham A, Scott N, Layzell DB and Dong Z

Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A Toxic/Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering, 49: 913-22, 2014
By Iranmanesh S, Harding T, Abedi J, Seyedeyn-Azad F and Layzell, DB

Les échanges de vracs secs et liquides – Logistics and Bulk Transport, pp77-100, 2013
By Israel B and Layzell DB

Trottier Energy Futures Project, 2013
By Torrie RD, Bryant T, Marshall D, Beer Mitchell, Anderson Blake, Kadowaki R, Whitmore J

Trottier Energy Futures Project, 2013
By Torrie RD, Bryant T, Beer M, Anderson B, Marshall D, Kadowaki R, Whitmore J

Bioresource Technology, 102: 1087-1094, 2011
By Hacatoglu K, McLellan PJ and Layzell DB