CESAR's Team

Director, CESAR Initiative

David B. Layzell, PhD, FRSC

Professor and Director, Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research (CESAR) Initiative, University of Calgary

(403) 220-5161 | (403) 289-9311 | dlayzell@ucalgary.ca

Senior Associates

Ralph Torrie

Senior Associate, CESAR Initiative, and President, Torrie Smith Associates

Song P. Sit, PhD, PEng

Senior Associate, CESAR Initiative, and Principal, GHG Reduction Consultancy


Robert Hoffman, MA (Economics)

Senior Associate, CESAR Initiative, and President, whatIf? Technologies Inc.

(613) 232-5613 | robert.hoffman@whatiftechnologies.com

Energy Systems Analysts

Daya Nhuchhen, PhD (Mechanical Engineering), EIT, MEng

Energy Systems Analyst, CESAR

(403) 210-9668 | daya.nhuchhen@ucalgary.ca

Kyle McElheran, BSc

Energy Systems Analyst, CESAR (with Energy and Environment Specialization)

(403) 210-9668 | kjmcelhe@ucalgary.ca

Jessica Lof, MSc

Energy Systems Analyst, CESAR

(587) 586-5846 | jessica.lof@ucalgary.ca

Communications and External Relations

Benjamin Israel, MS

Research Associate, CESAR

Mark Lowey, BA

Communications Advisor, CESAR

(403) 263-3272 | mlowey@envirolinenews.ca

Graduate Students

Kunbi Adetona, MSc, PAg, PhD (Student)

403-220-4589 | adekunbi.adetona@ucalgary.ca