Energy Futures

Posted on Friday, May 26, 2017 - 15:00 by David B. Layzell, PhD, FRSC

By Layzell DB, co-lead author with 70 other university researchers (including co-lead authors and other contributing researchers) from the 10 provinces

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Stockholm Environment Institute briefing, 2015
By Torrie R

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Acting on Climate Change: Extending the Dialogue Among Canadians, pp45-52, 2015
By Torrie R contributor

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Helio International, 2014
By Torrie R, Smith J, Connor H, Labriet M, Labrousse M

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Trottier Energy Futures Project, 2013
By Torrie RD, Bryant T, Marshall D, Beer Mitchell, Anderson Blake, Kadowaki R, Whitmore J