We provide here pdf versions of posters that have been presented at CESAR-sponsored science policy meetings since 2014. The posters can be grouped into three categories for viewing:

  1. About CESAR or CanESS: Posters providing information about CESAR, or about the Canadian Energy Systems Simulator (CanESS) model that CESAR has used in some of its studies, or to support the work of students registered in Scie529 (see below).
  2. CESAR Research Studies: Posters that summarize research carried out by graduate students or other researchers working in CESAR, including on the CESAR Pathways Project.
  3. Scie529 Capstone Projects: Posters generated by teams of four or five engineering, natural science or business undergraduate students registered in the Scie529 course in the fall terms of 2014-2017, inclusive. Scie529 is the capstone ‘Energy, Environment and Economy Project course' that is part of the energy specialization in the Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary (Course coordinator is CESAR's Director, David Layzell). While many of these student reports are of a high quality, readers should be cautious in interpreting the reliability of the results and conclusions. We provide these reports to profile the work of the students and to illustrate the breadth, tools and nature of the insights that can be obtained through technology-rich scenario modeling of energy futures. Contact CESAR for more information.

2015 – CESAR research poster by Adekunbi Adetona, David B. Layzell

2015 – Scie529 poster by Haydon Armstrong, Andrei Dragos, Brijesh Modha, Aaron Poon, Hala Ragheb

2015 – Scie529 poster by Connor Scheu, David Jones, Bilal Sher, Yawei Xiao, James Jenden

2015 – Scie529 poster by Richard Dieu, Gina Kisell, Apirat Witthayanukool, Ryan Vickers, James Chau

2015 – Scie529 poster by Thanmayee Mudigonda, Kim Fung, Jordan Banh, Jaimie Sokalski, Michael Kozera

2015 – Scie529 poster by Ali Hernandez, Winnie Liu, Anam Mohammed Ali, Andrea Neumann, Johnny Tsang

2014 – Scie529 poster by Jacqueline Smith, Sahil Sharma, Steven Stosky, Ahmed Moussa, Eric Lim

2014 – Scie529 poster by Laree Block, Graydon Carruthers, Katelyn Knudsgaard, Madhav Narendrabn, Mahfam Vakili

2014 – CESAR research poster by Ralph Torrie, Chris Stone and David Layzell

2014 – CESAR research poster by Raied Hasan, Anis Haque, David Layzell

2014 – Scie529 poster by Daria Gavriliychenko, John Guo, Phillip Retzlaff, Eric Wu

2014 – Scie529 poster by Daniel Anhorn, Martin Fitzpatrick, Ryan Liu, Ryan Reed, Steven Tran

2014 – Scie529 poster by Jenessa Fett, Beverly Sia, Alexander Warthe, Liang Zhang, Musaab Yaqub.

2014 – Scie529 poster by Odeza Bactin, Curtis Craig, Brian Lee Kim Gnok, Samuel Leung

2014 – Scie529 poster by Mark Elliot, Kody Haugli, Matt Kindree, Pei Li, Jonathan Patterson

2014 – Scie529 poster by Jannick Buhl, Liam Goodfellow, Arathi Haridas, Justin Woods

2014 – Scie529 poster by Scott Lalonde, Jeremy Mattison, Kayla Olde, Venice Tang, Joshua West