Manfred Klein, BEng

CESAR associate, Principal at MA Klein & Associates

Manfred Klein has recently retired after 33 years in the Canadian federal government, most recently as Coordinator, Energy and Environment at the Gas Turbine Laboratory of the National Research Council in Ottawa.

He spent 16 years with Environment Canada, involved with CCME industrial air emissions guidelines for Gas Turbines and for Cement Kilns, using output-based environmental standards.   He also helped to develop new taxation incentives to encourage cogeneration and district energy, provided inputs to environmental assessments, and organized various industrial training functions on gas turbine CHP systems.  Prior to that Mr. Klein was with the National Energy Board for 11 years, dealing with natural gas pipeline and compressor station construction inspection and certification. 

Works now as an independent consultant on a wide range of environment and energy issues.  Specializes in technical training for gas turbine applications, cogeneration, natural gas pipelines, and balanced analysis of integrated system solutions to GHGs, air pollution and system reliability.   Memberships have included;

  • Former Chair of IAGT Industrial Gas Turbine Applications Committee
  • Former Chair of ASME / IGTI Environment & Regulatory Affairs Committee
  • Environmental R&D group of Canadian Gas Association (CEPEI)

Bach. of Mechanical Engineering (1980),  Carleton University