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Reports & Publications

1. An Information Guide on Pursuing Biomass Energy Opportunities and Technologies in British Columbia
Prepared for the Government of British Columbia by Martin Tampier (Envint Consultant), (Febuary 25, 2008)

2. Analysing Ontario Biofuel Options: Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Efficiency and Costs
R. Samson, S. Baily-Stamler, J. Dooper, S. Mulder, T. Ingram, K. Clarke, C. Ho Lem (REAP Canada), (January 18, 2008)

3. An Inventory of the Bioenergy Potential of British Columbia
Peter Ralevic and David B. Layzell, (November 2006)

4. BIOCAP 2006 Conference Overview
Prepared by BIOCAP staff, (December 2006)

5. Final Report of the Bioenergy Challenge Dialogue
Joint production of BIOCAP Canada and Energy INet, (July 2006)

6. Insights from the Research Integration Program
Prepared by BIOCAP staff, (May 2006)

7. Threats and Impacts of Exotic Pests under Climate Change: Implications for Canada’s Forest Ecosystems and Carbon Stocks.
Shelley Hunt, Jonathan Newman, Gard Otis. (April 2006)

8. Combined Forest Management Effect on Landscape Carbon Stock Changes in West-central Canada
Chao Li, Jianwei Lui, Hugh Barclay, Harinder Hans. (April 2006)

9. Adapting Forest Management to the Impacts of Climate Change in Canada
Mark Johnston, Tim Williamson, David Price, Dave Spittlehouse, Adam Wellstead, Paul Gray, Dan Scott, Sue Askew, Shelley Webber. (April 2006)

10. A Conceptual Comparison of using Bioenergy Options for BC’s Mountain Pine Beetle Infested Wood
Amit Kumar. (April 2006)

11. Whole Farm Modeling to Evaluate Economic and Production Implications of BMP’s Designed to Reduce GHG Emissions –Case Study of Dairy Production in Coastal British Columbia
Mary Lou Swift, Shabtai Bittman. (April 2006)

12. The Potential for Agricultural GHG Emission Reductions in the Temperate Region of Canada through Nutrient Management Planning
Gregory Wall, Ann Huber, Don King, Chris Duke. (April 2006)

13. Disputes and Dispute Resolution in the Offset System
Alistair R. Lucas, Q.C., Olurorotimi Williams Daudu. (April 2006)

14. Offsets for Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soil and Tradable Emission Permits for Large Final Emitters
Elizabeth A. Wilman, Eduard Vojtassak. (April 2006)

15. A Critical Cost Benefit Analysis of Oilseed Biodiesel in Canada
Martin J.T. Reaney, W. Hartley Furtan, Petros Loutas. (April 2006)

16. Benefits and Costs of Shifts to Biomass Crops – Producer and Public Perspectives
Jim Fenton, Shahab Sokhansanj, Sudhagar Mani. (April 2006)

17. Cost benefit of Biomass Supply and Pre-processing Enterprises in Canada
Shahab Sokhansanj, Jim Fenton. (April 2006)

18. Optimum Sizing for Anaerobic Digestion
Emad Ghafoori, Peter Flynn. (April 2006)

19. Environmental and Social Benefits of 2nd Generation Biofuels in Canada
Warren Mabee. (April 2006)

20. Policies to Stimulate Biofuel Production in Canada: Lessons from Europe and the United States
Allan M. Walburger, Danny Le Roy, Krishan K. Kaushik, K.K. Klein. (April 2006)

21. Exploring the Potential for Biomass Power in Ontario: A Response to the OPA Supply Mix Advice Report
David B. Layzell, Jamie Stephen, Susan M. Wood (February 2006)

22. Feedstock Availability and Power Costs Associated with Using BC’s Beetle-Infested Pine
Amit Kumar, Peter C. Flynn, Shahab Sokhansanj (November 2005)

23. Site Visit to Alholmens 240 MW Power Plant Pietarsaari, Finland
Peter C. Flynn and Amit Kumar (September 2005)

24. British Columbia’s Beetle Infested Pine: Biomass Feedstocks for Producing Power
Amit Kumar, Shahab Sokhansanj, Peter C. Flynn (April 2005)

25. Canadian Biodiesel Initiative: Aligning Research Needs and Priorities with the Emerging Industry
Bruce E. Holbein, Jamie D. Stephen, and David B. Layzell (August 2004)

26. Primer on Bioproducts
Developed by BIOCAP and Pollution Probe (November 2004)

27. A Canadian Biomass Inventory: Feedstocks for a bio-based economy
Wood, Susan M. and David B. Layzell (June 2003)

28. An Assessment of the Opportunities and Challenges of a Bio-Based Economy for Agriculture and Food Research in Canada
Canadian Agri-Food Research Council (2003)

29. Primer on the Technologies of Renewable Energy
Holmes, Randee and Susan Edwards (September 2003)